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When paired with the right platform the short answer is a lot, an employee census can completely change the way you quote, enroll, and service clients. How does an employee census change the way you do business is a little longer answer.

The Power of an Employee Census

First, we need to look at what a census does when clients shop for health insurance. An employee census is used to obtain specific information to estimate the healthcare costs the group is likely to incur. As a broker or agent using an employee census means you have a more well-rounded view and approach to your client’s health insurance needs. The more you know about your clients the more you can assist them in finding the health insurance plan(s) that best fits their needs. The next step is to quote plans that work for your clients and their specific needs and wants. Some brokers work with only a couple carriers while others can utilize platforms such as MyHealthily to work with more than 135 carriers throughout the entire United States.

Using an employee census to look at an entire employee group also allows you to see outside the box options that might work to not only better serve a client but save them money in the long run. Some of these options include medically underwritten plans which can involve a quick medical questionnaire completed by all employees. While these types of plans can take a few extra steps, they can help save sometimes as much as 30% compared to traditional health insurance plans. The ability to better see and understand client needs with a census expands your options as a broker when paired with a platform that offers multiple carriers. Pairing these types of broker tools together make you a better more well-rounded broker capable of assisting more clients.

Finding the Best Plan

After quoting plan options, you are able to narrow plans that best fit the needs of the client and begin the enrollment process. This is another place a census can assist a broker. The MyHealthily census requires employee email addresses. This is how in the case of medically underwritten plans a medical questionnaire is sent for employees to complete. This is also how employees enroll and/or waive the offered health insurance options including ancillary plans like dental, vision, hearing, short-term disability, Aflac plans, and so much more. Employees emails addresses are kept confidential and only used for these purposes.

Something as simple as an employee census can help you offer more plans that better fit the needs of your client, then simplify enrollment and the continued service of clients. While this seems like an obvious route to start using a census many brokers are hesitant, but when you can explain the entire picture including potential savings and how a client no longer needs keep up with enrollment paperwork, they see how it makes their employee benefits process simple.

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