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Your first priority is ensuring your clients have everything they need. Since the onset of the pandemic, health benefits have been at the forefront of everyone’s minds – especially for small groups that have never offered coverage. As we look and everything encompassed in health benefits, we will focus on cost-effective non-insurance benefits and ancillary coverage option employers can offer their employees. These assets can be used to keep and recruit top talent while keeping the age range of today’s employees in mind. There are four generations in the workforce, and each has unique health needs.

Non-Insurance Benefits

As a MyHealthily broker every plan offered through our platform includes a suite of non-insurance products, Prosper Benefits. This suite assists to keeps claims at a minimum. The purpose of Prosper Benefits is to address the trending healthcare needs of employees including timely access to care. For example, Prosper Benefits includes telemedicine calls with a physician 24 hours a day with $0 co-pay. This type of coverage ensures clients are getting exactly what they need when they need it for any non-emergency issue. Another feature of Prosper Benefits is having a licensed counselor available 24 hours a day with $0 co-pay.

Additional benefits like these allow employers to meet the needs of their employees without adding additional cost to their plans, and avoiding the employee co-pays that can quickly become costly. This is the beginning of the advantages of Prosper Benefits, the non-insurance suite also includes access to a financial advisor, life coach, a veterinarian and so much more!

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Ancillary Coverage

When it comes to insurance, most employees first think of major medical then looks to dental and vision and while those are two types of ancillary coverage employees are looking for more these days and as a MyHealthily broker you have the ability to provide more options than ever before.

Short term disability is a benefit that ensures if an employee has and illness or injury, they are covered for benefits usually for a range of 13-26 weeks! Offering this type of benefit to employers allows them the ability to retain talented workers during what could be a stressful and trying time. Other benefits to help employees throughout the year are policies like cancer plans, critical illness, accident plans, and hospital indemnity. These types of plans not only pay you to stay well and get check-ups each year, but in the event you are sick and/or injured they help employees with payments to keep their normal life activities moving forward. As an added bonus many of these types of ancillary options do not require any contribution from the employer for enrollment.

As a broker it is your duty to offer clients coverage options to help them retain their current talent and grow their business much like you grow your own. By offering more coverage options outside of major medical you ensure clients have met the needs of all of their employees. These are simple additions that can make a world of difference in our current climate.

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