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For a lot of brokers, Q4 is spent renewing their client’s healthcare policies. It can be very hectic and cumbersome as you are running between carriers and clients to ensure their specific needs are met. All of this, while maintaining and growing your business and trying to keep everything running smoothly is a lot to take on. MyHealthily is here to ease your stress during this season with 4 simple questions to help you get ahead for your clients and your business.

1. What’s Changed in Healthcare?

Have you researched this year’s legislative changes for health insurance? If not, that should be the very first thing you do going into the busy renewal season. What about the changes to carriers plans? Have you researched to ensure your client’s plan will cover the same items this year as they covered last year? Or is there a new plan that cost less and covers more? What is the rate increase for the year on average? Will your client’s renewals fit into the average increase, or will you have to look for a new plan to help them fit their budget?

There are so many small changes that leave you with a million questions like those listed above. When you work with a quoting and enrollment platform like MyHealthily every single SBC is listed with the plan. This ensures you know exactly what each plan covers and the cost for your clients, all in one place! If you are looking to expand your list of carriers, we offer plans from 135+ carriers in all 50 states. This ensures you help clients find the plan that not only fits their budget but fits their needs, and in many cases for less money.

2. What’s the Renewal Best Process?

It is exciting to talk to clients about what they need, what is important to them and how they want to help their employees. Once this is determined they can setup a call to compare, review and choose plans.

Getting started with a simple employee census is common for brokers. However, if you don’t use a census, you can learn more about how it can streamline your processes, saving you time and money. Clients complete their census and return it to you prior to quoting. Then, if you use an all-in-one platform like MyHealthily, you are set from this point forward. You simply start by uploading a client’s employee census into the system and start the quoting process. From there you can evaluate their needs, review thousands of plans, and know which plans to present to your clients when you meet for renewal.

Once you have narrowed down and chosen major medical plan(s) you will both look at ancillary options including dental, vision, hearing, short-term disability, and so much more! Many of these options do not require contributions from the employer.

Finally, you are ready to invite the team! With the simple click of a button while still on the call with your client all of their employees will receive an email to waive or enroll in their offerings. If your current process isn’t as simple as clicking a few buttons it is time to reevaluate and try a new platform for quoting and enrollment.

3. How Simple are Your Renewals?

If your renewal process is not as simple as explained here, it is time to look at your current platform and see what changes you can make to simplify your processes.

4. How Will You Start the New Year?

Will you start the new year feeling refreshed as you come out of a busy but rewarding season? Or will it be more of a hangover with the need for a vacation and revamp of your processes and procedures? Either way congratulate yourself for the hard work you put in and look at how you can revamp for next year. Something as simple as the platforms you use to quote, enroll, and service clients can change everything.

“Improved efficiency on both the enrollment and renewal sides is easy to see. You quickly see competitive rates, and it’s simple. This platform cuts the amount we spend by at least 70%! It turns a 7-hour job into a 45-minute call!”

-Erin C. of Deland, Gibson Insurance Associates Inc.

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