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In 2023 it is estimated that 25% of employees will work remotely, while 74% of U.S. companies have at least some type of hybrid work model. This means a great deal of employers and employees will have questions about their benefits and what enrollment looks like, especially if they are in a different state. As a broker here are the key items to keep in mind when assisting clients with remote workers or workers in multiple states.

National Networks

When working in multiple states many carriers offer HMO or EPO plans with limited geographical network locations. If any of the workers live outside those limited areas, they will have trouble finding in-network providers for their needs. Ensuring you are able to offer plans with national networks takes the guess work off the employer and their employees when it comes to their coverage. Another bonus is having a provider search available to both employers and employees to be able to search providers in their location, along with a plan summary of benefits to better understand their coverage.

Ease of Enrollment

When enrollment and quoting is done electronically it can take fraction (70% less to be more exact) of your normal time. Add to that no in person meetings for employers or their employees to choose or enroll in coverage options- cutting travel- meaning more time designated to work and less expenses. Enrollment should be simple and straightforward, working through email to create real-time processing statuses for everything including medical questionnaires if needed for expanded plan options and savings.

Level-Funding Options (Medically Underwritten Plans)

A level-funded plan is a type of self-funded plan in which the employer contributes a steady monthly payment to cover costs for administration, claim payments and stop-loss insurance. Level-funding provides a viable bridge option for employees interested in moving toward self-funding but maintains some of the predictability of a fully insured plan. Level- funded plan often cost less, making it easier for small and mid-sized employers to offer their employees high-quality health care benefits at a more affordable price and employers have more control and freedom in their plan designs. Level-funded plans also give the opportunity to expand member access to doctors, hospitals, and other medical facilities. This means no matter where your team is they are more likely to be covered.

Putting it All Together

National networks, ease of enrollment, and level-funding options are all key items as a broker to help you better serve clients with remote workers or employees in multiple states. We have seen a lot of transition in the past three years with how work is done and 2023 is gearing up to be more of the same with a workforce looking for more. This is where you as a broker are able to show clients more options within their budget to better serve their teams.

At MyHealthily we are excited to be part of your growth. Learn more about our platform and how you can easily quote, enroll, and service clients with hundreds of thousands of plan options. Schedule a short demo today.

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