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More Than Benefits- Prosper Benefits

Prosper Benefits are included in every level funded plan in the MyHealthily platform at no extra cost. This addition to client benefits also helps them reduce their daily medical costs and claims which in turn can increase refunds at the end of the year.

Items included in the Prosper Benefits program are: TeleDoc, Health Advocacy, Tele-Counseling, prescription savings, and exclusive discounts which includes travel discounts.

TeleDoc through Prosper Benefits is totally free and includes a $0 co-pay per visit. This means clients are able to speak with a physician at no cost to them and receive treatment including some prescription medication. This is a great way to treat those non-emergency symptoms that tend to come up during the night or on the weekend, without incurring any cost.

Health Advocacy includes a nurse line where you can call and speak with a registered nurse about symptoms, ongoing health issues, or learn more about a diagnosis. This is an amazing addition to any health insurance plan to help clients be more knowledgeable about their bodies and what is going on within them every day. Health Advocacy also includes a Bill Saver aspect. This allows clients to take a photo of any medical bill they receive over a certain amount and send it in to be negotiated by experts.

Tele-Counseling, much like TeleDoc, provides a licensed counselor for clients to speak with about stress management, work-life balance, and so much more. If in-person counseling is requested or ongoing communication is needed a local counselor can be referred to better suit client needs.

Prescription Savings helps clients save on those necessary medicines to get them back on their feet and feeling better. Save up to 85% on most prescriptions at 60,000 retail pharmacies nationwide and through home delivery.

Exclusive Discounts offers discounts on gyms, spas, and wellness to help keep clients feeling their best! These discounts also include savings on airlines, hotels, theme parks, and more. Prosper Benefits is all about saving money for your clients and their employees.

More Plan Options- What’s Missing?

How many carriers do you quote? Do your clients ever ask if they are missing out on something? The MyHealthily platform ensures that as a broker you have plan options from over 135 carriers quoted within 15 seconds for every client. This means they never miss out on a plan option that could fit their budget or needs.

Many brokers and agents spend 10-14 days quoting 2-3 carriers for every client, when you are talking small group benefits this time frame isn’t beneficial for the broker or the client. By utilizing platforms like MyHealthily you are able to show clients all of their options and help narrow down those that best fit their current budget and need. This helps your client know they have the best plan for their team, and you are able to start enrollment with the click of a button. This process saves you as a broker weeks of work and phone calls!

More States- More Sales

When working with MyHealthily you are not limited to your current state, we are here to help you gain appointments wherever needed. This provides you with more area and access to clients along with plan options. Less limitations for you as a broker means more sales opportunities and more compensation.

You can learn more about MyHealthily and our platform or set-up a demo to get started working with us today! Ensure your clients see all their options and receive more benefits with their plan when you use a platform like MyHealthily’s.

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