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The 80/20 Rule (Part 3 of 3) - MyHealthily The 80/20 Rule (Part 3 of 3) - MyHealthily

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Small Businesses Can Produce Revenue

It’s 2023, so why are you still doing small group benefits like you did in 2013 or maybe even 2006? Your phone has updated, your computer has updated, heck you probably have Alexa or Google turning on your lights every night. So let’s get your business up to date with the rest of your life and moving in a direction where as a broker or agent you are able to provide more service for your clients while increasing your revenue.

It’s Not Your Parents’ Health Insurance

Though the health insurance industry as a whole is slow moving and not quick to change, thus the fact you can still operate much like you did in 2013 there are changes being made all across the industry. Technology is advancing and working with carriers and brokers to grow and make the harder items much easier and less time consuming. Things like quoting coverage options can now be done in mere seconds not weeks, and often times with much less employee information. Enrollment has come a long way as well through the advancements of technology. When you use a platform like that created by MyHealthily seamless quoting and enrollment happens with over 135 different carriers for major medical coverage along with ancillary options. This not only changes your traditionally cumbersome way of quoting and enrollment, but it also cuts your time spent by 70%! While giving your clients more options that better fit their needs, allowing you the broker to truly become an advisor not just the person with a good price for coverage. Though often times with more options comes better pricing than clients have seen in the past.

It’s an Ah-Ha Market

Health insurance and making brokers and agents’ lives simpler requires seeing to believe. This is part of the slow moving factor within this industry. Until now there wasn’t one platform that could help you quote, enroll, service and renew clients in minutes. You would have to use multiple platforms mixed with spreadsheets and this entire process would take more time the more through you were in giving clients the choices that are best for them.

This is the moment when if you are doing business the same way you did 2 years ago you are already behind. Seeing a product in motion, like the one created by MyHealthily changes your awareness of where technology has gone in the world of health insurance and where it can go from here. When you are able to see a platform reduce your time spent on quoting, enrollment, service, and renewal of plans you see how you are able to become more than a broker but a trusted advisor with answers to client issues. It truly creates an ah-ha moment for you as a broker or agent to see where you can do more with less and better serve your clients.

Buying Health Insurance Could be Like Ordering from Amazon

Health insurance and Amazon aren’t normally two words you would see in the same sentence, especially comparing the two for similarities. Health insurance is confusing and cumbersome, while Amazon is simple and has everything. As a broker or agent who uses an all in one platform like MyHealthily to better serve clients you create a much simpler health insurance shopping experience while offering clients more than just major medical coverage. Clients have ancillary options to ensure all the needs of clients and their teams are met. This ensures that your business is the one stop shop for all healthcare coverage needs from major medical to ancillary options. You give your clients more options and educate them on what best fits their current needs. Basically, your confusing and cumbersome outdated way of quoting, enrolling, servicing, and renewing healthcare coverage is changed into something simple and all-encompassing for your clients.

By looking at your clients differently and understanding that small group benefits when done through an all in one platform generate revenue and growth for your business you are able to grow and expand in news ways. First by catching up with the times and using a platform that is on the forefront of health insurance technology and pushing those boundaries daily. Then by seeing how these technological advancements will change the way you do business and even talk to clients about their health insurance needs. Finally, you are able to better assist your clients, giving them a simple straightforward shopping experience while providing education and more options than you ever thought possible.

80/20 Blog Series

This article is part 3 of 3 of our “80/20” blog series. Here’s part 1 and part 2 of this series.

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