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Agent FAQs from MyHealthily Agent FAQs from MyHealthily

FAQs for Agents

Answers to the most common questions about MyHealthily’s platform.

What is MyHealthily?

MyHealthily is an online platform built by agents, for agents to profitably quote, enroll, service and renew healthcare coverage and ancillary lines for small businesses.

Can I see a demo?

Yes! Visit our schedule a demo page to see a full demo.

How much does MyHealthily cost?

$399 per month – see what’s included in your subscription and find out how to get the monthly fee waived. Learn More

How do I sign up for MyHealthily?

Simply create an account to get started.

How do commissions work?

Agents retain 100% of all retail commissions.

What states does MyHealthily operate in?

MyHealthily operates in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

What carriers are included on this platform?

MyHealthily works with more than 135 carriers, including Aetna, Aflac, Allstate Benefits, Anthem, Bean, Blue Cross, Cigna, Humana, Kaiser, Principal, Sidecar Health, United Healthcare, and many, many others. Plus, we are continuously adding new carriers to our ever-expanding platform.

Is MyHealthily just for medical plans?

No. MyHealthily empowers agents to quote medical, dental, vision, voluntary, supplemental, and life plans. We also include our proprietary Prosper Benefits with all level funded plans or as a standalone benefit.

What is Prosper Benefits?

Prosper Benefits is a free suite of tools and services for all members and their families with level funded plans. These benefit are designed to save members and employers money by reducing claims. For example, instead of going to a doctor for a cold, UTI, poison ivy, or other minor issue, members can login to their free telehealth service (with no deductible) to talk to a doctor. By using this service, the insurance company doesn’t receive a claim, and saves you money.

Will MyHealthily add new products?

Yes! We will continue to expand our product portfolio ongoing.

Does MyHealthily quote level-funded plans?

Yes! You can quote level-funded plans alongside fully insured plans.

Who at my agency should have a MyHealthily account?

We recommend anyone who works directly with clients such as agents, producers, assistants, and office support to have their own account.

What if I am already using a quoting tool?

You are likely to find more quoting options available via MyHealthily than any other platform, in addition, we are a lot more than just a quoting tool, we are a full-service platform that assists in selling, completes electronic enrollment, and allows for total servicing of all accounts. We encourage you to schedule a MyHealthily demo!

Is my data safe on MyHealthily?

Yes! MyHealthily takes data security and privacy very seriously. All data and operations are stored and accessed through AWS. View Details

Does MyHealthily support adds, changes, and deletes?

Yes, MyHealthily supports the most common benefit administration needs, including employee changes throughout the year.

What happens if I BOR a case, can I load that into MyHealthily’s software?

Yes, MyHealthily’s Agency Dashboard is designed with you in the driver’s seat. You can add and remove clients from the sales system as you need to help to manage the sales and enrollment of your groups.

Do you provide training and support?

Yes! You will have access to a large library of training videos, product details, and knowledge base. MyHealthily is here to provide WOW customer service to our agents and their clients.

What types of medical plans are offered?

MyHealthily is an all-inclusive sales system that provides quote and enrolment capabilities with Fully Insured, Level Funded, Referenced Based, MEC, and more. Zip code and Situs State drive the quote results, but MyHealthily typically provides hundreds of options for each client.

Can I use MyHealthily to administer my small group’s renewal?

Yes, MyHealthily specializes in not on the sale of small group benefits, but also in assisting the agent in managing renewals for those same clients year over year.

How does MyHealthily get its data?

To ensure our data is timely and accurate, we source it directly from the carrier when possible. We also source out third-party data when needed.

Can I add plans not pre-loaded in MyHealthily?

No, not currently for enrollment. Our comparison tool does allow for entering current plan costs for comparison purposes.

What ancillary lines are offered?

We offer dental, vision, life, LTD, STD, and EAP – with more supplemental plans added frequently.

What if my census changes in the middle of the sales process?

MyHealthily supports census changes throughout the underwriting process.

Does MyHealthily work with other benefits admin platforms?

Our software does not currently integrate with other benefits admin platforms, but we do provide full payroll and enrollment reports in multiple formats to upload into payroll and benefit admin platforms.

How do I sell level funded, reference based pricing, and other outside of the box options? My clients only seem to be comfortable with fully insured plans.

MyHealthily is designed with the agent and their client in mind to easily shop, compare, and enroll all of these solutions together in one platform. Because MyHealthily also quotes Fully Insured Plans, it allows the trusted advisor to show their client the difference and ease of moving from Fully Insured to a more competitively priced Level Funded or other health solution.

Can an agent continue working with their local carrier reps?

In several instances the relationship between local rep and agent will remain unchanged, however the placement of the selected plan will be through MyHealthily’s software. If the agent works with Allstate before signing on, we need to know who their field rep is when they sign up so we can make sure that is accounted for. For Aflac, the agent will need to work through our system with its self-service setup for employee enrollment. With an enhanced enrollment approach for Aflac with MyHealthily, there is no longer a need for the onsite and face to face representation for Aflac plans.

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