FAQs for Agents

Here are the most frequently asked questions for agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answers to the most frequently asked questions by our agents and brokers.

How do I sell level funded, reference based pricing, and other outside of the box options? My clients only seem to be comfortable with fully insured plans.

MyHealthily is designed with the agent and their client in mind to easily shop, compare, and enroll all of these solutions together in one platform. Because MyHealthily also quotes Fully Insured Plans, it allows the trusted advisor to show their client the difference and ease of moving from Fully Insured to a more competitively priced Level Funded or other health solution.

Can I use MyHealthily to administer my small group’s renewal?

Yes, MyHealthily specializes in not on the sale of small group benefits, but also in assisting the agent in managing renewals for those same clients year over year.

What ancillary lines are offered?

EAP, Dental, and Vision today with Life, LTD, STD, and other supplemental plans exepected no later than March of 2022.

What happens if I BOR a case, can I load that into MyHealthily’s software?

Yes, MyHealthily’s Agency Dashboard is designed with you in the driver’s seat. You can add and remove clients from the sales system as you need to help to manage the sales and enrollment of your groups.

What types of medical plans are offered?

MyHealthily is an all-inclusive sales system that provides quote and enrolment capabilities with Fully Insured, Level Funded, Referenced Based, MEC, and more. Zip code and Situs State drive the quote results, but MyHealthily typically provides hundreds of options for each client.

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