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Healthcare FAQs from MyHealthily Healthcare FAQs from MyHealthily

Association FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding MyHealthily, healthcare coverage, contact information, and more.

Can we offer healthcare if we only have 1 employee?

Yes. MyHealthily has unique plans to offer full healthcare benefits for companies with only 1 employee.

How do I know how much it will cost me?

Your MyHealthily advisor will go over cost during the initial enrollment, and you can always contact us to get a monthly cost.

Who do I call if I need help?

Please see phone number options on the back of your insurance card for medical billing problems, claims, and network (if any). If you have issues in the MyHealthily Dashboard contact us at (888) 272-1513.

Who is eligible for coverage?

Part Time, non-employees, some carriers do not acknowledge 1099 as employees. Confirm with your broker participation requirements.

Can employees cancel their policy during the year?

Yes, but will not be able to reenroll unless there is a Qualifying Life Event or through open enrollment. Cancellation procedures differ based on carrier. There is a Qualifying Life event Button on the Employee dashboard, employee can click the button, fill in the information, and the service team will reach out to the group admin.

Can you check if my doctor will accept this plan (in-network)?

Each carrier has a different carrier look up, generally the number on the back of your insurance card will guide you how to search providers in your areas.

Who is Allied Benefits?

Allied is a national healthcare solutions company that supports healthy workplace cultures. Founded in 1980, Allied has grown to be the largest, independent third-party administrator in the United States.

Who do I call when a provider I am seeing is questioning the validity of the insurance?

Call carrier, number on the back of your insurance card.

How do I change my employees' contributions?

After the plan is initiated send a request via email to

Can I use the dashboard to manage my group?

Yes, you can add, remove, and modify your employees, and much more via your dashboard.

How do I add an employee to our plan?

Add employee’s information via dashboard a request will be submitted to initiate the application process.

How often can I add/remove employees?

As frequently as needed via your dashboard, You can terminate employees from the portal, but not remove them completely.

What happens when my doctor will not accept Reference Based Pricing (RBP)?

Call your carrier directly and they can make an agreement with the provider. Please see the back of your insurance card for the phone number.

How do employee contributions work, do they pay the premium?

Download the report on your employer dashboard (payroll deductions) refer to that as for the amount to deduct from employee’s paycheck, employer is responsible for employee deductions.

Does everyone have to be enrolled through health insurance?

No. Employees may waive coverage if they do not want healthcare benefits. As of Jan. 1, 2019, there is no penalty for not having health insurance, however, some states still require you to be enrolled in health insurance coverage. Check with your state to see if health insurance coverage is mandated.

All carriers have a participation requirement

How do I know when the copay vs the deductible applies?

It depends what plan and carrier you have, a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) can be downloaded from your dashboard with full details.

How will MyHealthily be involved after my company is enrolled?

Our WOW customer service is here for you! We service to the extent of enrolling new members, terminating members, advising clients to the correct direction as to where to get specific information from carriers.

Can I change the start dates of employees?

Employees must complete a waiting period, start date goes based off hire date.

How do I get my employees signed up for Prosper Benefits?

Employers: Your employees with be signed up for prosper benefit through enrollment, a link to create a profile will be sent within the week of the policy start date.

Employees: Visit to learn more and enroll for Prosper Benefits.

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