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Health insurance is rated on a combination of date of birth, home zip code, and birth gender. To receive an accurate quote, you must complete a census before your scheduled call.

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What’s a Census?
A census is a snapshot of your company’s eligible employees. It includes all Employee’s Name and the names of any family members, Birth Gender, Date of Birth, Zip Code, Tobacco Use and Email Address. By providing this information, we can give you the most accurate quote for your company’s healthcare coverage costs. And don’t worry – we will not sell your data, and we’ll keep it secure.
How Do I Fill Out My Census?
Watch a short video on how to quickly fill out your census.


Here’s what people are saying about MyHealthily!
Just got off the phone with your Broker Representative. She was great. Mad props to her customer service skills.
John Torres

Executive Director, Maryland Farm Bureau

It is a breath of fresh air to speak to someone about real options that are less than $300 per employee. Thanks, MyHealthily!
Travis Jamie

Owner, The Game Crafter

After years of feeling limited in regards to healthcare options and customer service, we are extremely satisfied with John David and MyHealthily.

Christy J.

Matthew Johns Construction

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