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Fortune 500 Benefits, Coverages, and Rates brought to Small Groups

MyHealthily is changing way Small Businesses acquire coverage. Our goal is to partner with Associations across the nation to help increase their membership and add value by offering quality, affordable healthcare coverage at rates traditionally only found at the corporate level.

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“Just got off the phone with your Broker Representative. She was great. Mad props to her customer service skills”

John Torres, Executive Director, Maryland Farm Bureau

Association Benefits

Grow & Retain Your Membership

Enable members to gain the #1 requested benefit for associations.

Healthcare Insurance Savings

One association member saw an annual healthcare coverage savings of 54%, this could be your members reality.

No Paperwork

Simple fully automated enrollment creating zero waste for the employer and employee.

Coverage Anywhere

We operate nationally, so your members can be covered whether they live in Maine or Hawaii.

VIP Customer Service

From marketing assistance for your association to members one-on-one with an expert to walk through the enrollment process.

Fully Compliant

Coverage can include Cobra/ HSA/ FSA/ Travel reimbursement all while adhering to State and Federal laws.

100% Turn-key

Fully customized platform for your association within 30-60 days.

Experienced in Insurance

Over 70 years of insurance experience leading to the best in service and technology for your members.


“Thank you for your kind words, for your thoughtfulness and for all that you are going to accomplish for the incredible people of this great industry. That is what you have stuck in my heart !”

Jimmy Lawson, VP of Business Development, JD & Co

How many of your 22,000 members joined for healthcare coverage?

Response: “21,000”

– Association Chair

MyHealthily enables you to provide your members access to what they need–affordable healthcare coverage. We’re able to leverage the power of your Association in order to negotiate with Carriers and ultimately attain rates and plans that can’t be found anywhere else on the market.


“We could not be happier with the entire process of gaining healthcare coverage through DentalOfficeHelathCare.com and our AADOM membership.”

West LA Dental, AADOM


54% Average Annual Savings

One small business owner cut what they were previously paying in half with substantial savings for family plans, and even greater savings for individuals. 

Previously Paid Paying now
$3,150 for families $1,605.80 for families
$1,160 for individuals $486.62 for individuals


“The plans recommended looks great! Thank you for all your help, I will share with my group and hope to enroll today”

Joy Cashion, Owner, Cashion Dental

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