MyHealthily Release Notes

Updates and features made to the MyHealthily platform.

Release: 1-1-2023

More user experience improvements in this round of updates, including the employer shop, more accurate data, and more.

  • Ease of use improvements were implemented in the employer shopping experience.
  • Backend usage was made more precise and user friendly.
  • Prosper Benefits was updated to be included in level-funded plan options.

Release: 12-13-2022

Many updates and fixes in this release to create a smoother, more seamless workflow when using the platform.

  • Back-end system updates were made to audit new accounts- removing test accounts from the system and correct linking within reporting.
  • Employer and Employee Shops improvements to the workflow includes:
    • Updated copy for clarity.
    • Ancillary filters were added to ease the process of choosing these products for the employer, including separating choices for dental and vision (now in two tabs), filter by carrier, and sorting by maximum premium amount.
    • New alert message when uploading an empty census into the Employer Shop.

Release: 11-22-2022

Age banding is here!

  • Rates are now available in composite or age banding.
  • Employers are able to break down cost for each employee with the click of a button.
  • Employers will find more detailed info on each employee’s age-banded rates on their contribution page.
  • Employers can contribute a dollar amount or specific percentage per employee as well as dependents.
  • All proposals now include age banded rates automatically.
  • In the employer dashboard there is a new section for plan rates.
  • Once enrolled in an age banded plan those rates will be visible in both the agency and employer dashboards.

Release: 11-1-2022

Lots of updates and bug fixes on this release.

  • Broker dashboard navigation updates were made to ease usage.
  • Notifications were added for groups of less than three for supplemental plans.
  • Plan proposals updated to show in correct order.
  • Supplemental plans were updated for correctness.
  • Expanded carrier base for medical plans with Options Plus.
  • Added ancillary coverage options through Guardian.
  • Quality of life updates were made to ease backend product usage.

Release: 10-18-2022

Minor updates to the platform.

  • Fixed display and scheduling bugs in ER/EE shops.
  • Disabled AFLAC vision/dental from quoting

Release: 9-19-2022

Check out the latest updates on the MyHealthily platform.

  • Short Term Disability has been added to both the employer and employee shops to make enrollment simple.
  • New hires can be added to a plan throughout the coverage year.
  • The questionnaire for HBA plans was updated for 2022-2023 plan options.
  • All-State level-funded rates were updated for increased accuracy of quoting.
  • Beam Benefits were added to real time quoting for ancillary options including dental and vision.

Release: 8-17-2022

This release focuses on Aflac, carrier updates, and user experience enhancements.

  • Added Aflac supplemental products (accident, cancer, critical illness, hospital indemnity, and voluntary term life) for all enrolling employees with real-time rating.
  • Updated Ancillary and supplemental offerings for group level contributions to include a fixed contribution.
  • Added more carriers for Maine, Montana, and Rhode Island while updating all fully insured carriers and their plans.
  • Configured United Healthcare and All Savers plans to quote in real time.
  • Updated agency dashboard links to link directly to their agency’s plan selection shop.
  • Configured employer shop to provide Agency Calendly links to clients at hard stop. (The hard stop prevents groups from shopping plans without a producer’s approval.)
  • Made the final page of both employer and employee shops more visually appealing.
  • Configured employer shop to show users a page asking if they are looking to enroll in group or individual insurance options.
  • Set minimum of 2 enrolling employees for the carrier Principal.

Release: 6-2-2022

Our latest updates for your viewing pleasure.

  • Fixed UHC api bug that was preventing Allsavers from quoting in AL, AZ, DE, IA, ID, IL, KS, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MS, NE, NM, OK, PA, WV
  • Updated Aflac dental and vision rates and restrictions per carrier changes
  • Fixed bug causing plan selection errors when agents and brokers switch between the shop and dashboard for different groups
  • Replaced Principal voluntary term life with Aflac voluntary term life on ancillary plans page of employee shop
  • Added ability to archive a group on dashboard, which was unintentionally removed last cycle as part of optimizing Clients/Prospects page
  • Improved plan filtering user experience and styling on the medical plans page of the employer shop

Release: 4-18-2022

Here are the latest updates on the MyHealthily platform.

  • Producers can now access all Agency clients
  • Expected commissions can now be added to the Proposal in order to comply with the Consolidated Appropriations Act’s commission disclosure requirement
  • Improved Proposal Design for displaying plan details

Release: 3-14-2022

The Onboarding Guide has been released. Feel free to take a look at it! This is the first place Agencies and Producers should go when they have questions on how to use the software, carrier timelines and requirements. It should be very helpful!

To access:

  • Login to your account and go to the Home tab of your Agency Dashboard
  • Click “Download Onboarding Guide”

Release: 3-9-2022

This release has some great new additions!

  • Robust Sales Proposals can now be generated from the Clients Dashboard page!
  • Census spreadsheet is now easier to copy and paste fields from other sources
  • Additional carriers have been added that allow for more plan options in the following states: PA, WI, MD, MS, WA, CO, DC, IA, DE, NH, LA, MN, IL, CT, MI, and SC
  • Widespread visual changes made to help distinguish between employer and employee enrollment. Identifiers have been added to the top right of every page to show current login status and location
  • Changed minimum effective date lead time to 10 days. While not all products can be written inside of 10 days, fully-insured products often can be. This will give more options to groups in a rush to get coverage. Copy updated throughout to warn that some products might not be able to be installed by the chosen effective date.
  • Updated HBA rates for 5/1/2022 effective dates and beyond.

Release: 3-11-2022

This is primarily a bug-fix release. Thank you to all our Agent Partners!

  • Group Managers can now be invited to be access Employee enrollment links via the Employer Dashboard
  • Improved landing page distinction between groups and coverage dates
  • Agency Principal can now be the main Producer for those groups they create
  • Improved treatment of offering multiple Health Benefit Alliance plans
  • Additional carriers and plans added in TN & CA
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