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Agents Sign Up for MyHealthily Agents Sign Up for MyHealthily

MyHealthily Pricing

Turn small group insurance into your profitable and stress-free advantage through
unlimited access to MyHealthily’s carrier partnerships and easy-to-use software.

$399 per Month

Your subscription will automatically renew on the first of each month. Once you’ve enrolled 500 lives your monthly fee will be waived.

Subscription Includes

No contracts, cancel anytime!

  • Unlimited access to a variety of medical, dental, vision, life, and disability carriers and plans in all 50 states.
  • Age banded prices on fully insured plans.
  • Accurate real-time quoting for medical and ancillary to help you create a complete healthcare solution.
  • Access to MyHealthily’s exclusive association partnerships for leads, where you keep 100% of retail commission.
  • Calculate simple and complex contribution strategies using our built-in spreadsheet.
  • Creative funding options and ACA plan alternatives.
  • All plans includes COBRA and ERISA compliance.
MyHealthily Subscription
MyHealthily Platform

Simplicity and Streamlined

Let us speed up the process, so you can focus on what matters.

  • Paperless enrollment process and proposal builder.
  • Up to 10 users per agency, including 9 logins for producers, account managers, and customer service representatives and a separate principal account to manage the agency.
  • Automated processing of additions and terminations.
  • Detailed reports to help with commissions tracking, note keeping, and compliance.

Differentiate Your Agency

Access more medical and ancillary rates in real-time with technology that provides access to quote, enroll, and manage small group health insurance profitably.

Cost Saving Tools

All level funded plans include a suite of non-insurance tools designed to lower clams and reduce cost for employers and employees.

Ready to get started?

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What Agents Are Saying

“The ability to quote and present health and life options to clients on a user-friendly platform is a game-changer! The Technology is ideal for us! It makes small accounts less cumbersome.”

Jodi G.
Senior Benefits Account Executive
Insurance Marketing Agencies

“Improved efficiency on both the enrollment and renewal sides is easy to see. 80% of our current clients would appreciate this. You quickly see competitive rates, and it’s simple. This platform cuts the amount we spend by at least 70%! It turns a 7-hour job into a 45-minute call!“

Erin C.
Account Executive, Deland
Gibson Insurance Associates, Inc.

“What you’ve done here is taken something that could be hugely complex and time consuming and you have shaved 70% – 80% of that time and complexity out of it.“

Gregg G.
Virtual Sales Director/Advisor

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