Prosper Benefits

Free to all members and their families. Doctors, counselors, fill prescriptions, and more.

Free to All Members

These services and tools should be the first place you go when you need to see a doctor, counselor, health consultant, or get a prescription filled. By using Prosper Benefits and our alternative discount drug card, your insurance company does not get a claim – and in return saves you, your employees, and company money.

Prosper Benefits

Medical Suite

eHealthcare, mental health therapy, medical advocacy, unlimited COVID PCR tests, medical bill help, and medical diagnosis support.

Consultative Suite

Financial consultation with certified financial planners, and legal consultation featuring an in-house legal team and an attorney network for more specialized needs.

Compliance Suite

COBRA compliance provides options to workers that lose their coverage to continue benefits provided by their group health plan for a limited time. ERISA compliance provides qualified retirement plans that are compliance with established guidelines and standards.

Personal Suite

Personal assistance, housing services, e-pet care, childcare, adoption resources, special needs support, elder/adult care, life coaching.

Prescription Suite

With our alternative discount drug card, you can save up to 80% off drugs and beat copay prices. Free to use to members and their family members. Never overpay for prescriptions again!

Activate Your Prosper Benefits

1. Go to
2. Enter your last name, date of birth, and your zip code.
3. Click the “Activate My Doctegrity Benefit” button to set up your account.

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